Episode 3 – GOTYs, and Yuletide Tales: A Dose of AEGP?! for your Christmas Earholes!

Twas the day before Christmas,
and right on that date,
Doc and Rosie upload
a single day late


But here we are again, with another episode of Another ‘Effin Game Podcast?!, with your humble hosts Doc and Rosie!

In this episode, we discuss the label of GOTY, what it means and how the meaning may have been lost to us. Along the way, we share our own heartfelt tales of Christmas cheer, I argue the logistics of console boxes, and Rosie pays penance for a grave mistake.

We had some minor audio problems with this one, which prompted a hasty re-record. All things considered, I think the episode is a fair tradeoff. Thanks for listening, and have a safe and happy holidays.

Bonus points if you can find the secret Xmas reference in one of the jingles.

THEME SONG: “The Locker Room”, by YamaYama. Please support the original creator’s work by going to ocremix.org/remix/OCR03105 and exploring his other Mega Man remixes.

One comment

  1. On the whole GOTY point: I agree with the fact that a game should make an impact transcendent of the industry to be considered for GOTY; or, at the very least, come the closest to it. BotW didn’t do that, even though it won the “official” award. Persona 5, meanwhile, connected players as a hive mind to get through the daily struggle of a high schooler’s life, in addition to helping each other progress through the game by being able to fuse personas over the network much like the Wonder Trade mechanic from more recent Pokemon games, or Super Mario Odyssey that brought Mario back to his roots and really felt like a challenging, accomplished open-world platformer, while still keeping the charm and emotional buoyancy.

    “You can enjoy sad things, you can enjoy difficult things.” –HEAVY RAIN REPRESENT

    Love the podcast. Keep it going!


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