Episode 2 – Open Worlds, And Waxing Nostalgic: Another ‘Effin Game Podcast, Baby!

What’s that? A podcast every two weeks? You bet your ass it’s a podcast – another ‘effin episode of Another ‘Effin Game Podcast, hosted by Doc and Rosie.

In this episode, we talk open world games and how their prevalence has changed the video game landscape, and talk about the metamorphosis of the Fallout series while we’re there. Along the way, Doc gets more angry than Rosie for a change, Rosie decides to fight everybody, and Doc books therapy sessions based on what Horizon: Zero Dawn has done to your beloved hosts.

I’m going to level with you, we need some support if we are going to get this thing off of the ground. Our plan is to get this bad boy onto iTunes, and to do that we need some extra elbow grease from our listeners. So listen in, and if you have any suggestions, comments or you just want to say hi, pop it down there, or send it to docwsformal@gmail.com. 

Thanks for listening. See you in two weeks. 

THEME SONG: “The Locker Room”, by YamaYama. Please support the original creator’s work by going to ocremix.org/remix/OCR03105 and exploring his other Mega Man remixes.

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