Episode One Of Another ‘Effin Game Podcast Has Just Gone Live!

They said it would never be done, but here it is: the first official, non-pilot episode of Another ‘Effin Game Podcast?!, hosted by Doc (dat me) and Rosie.

In this inaugural episode, we discuss the ins and outs of good DLCs and expansion packs, and weigh in on loot box etiquette. Along the way, Rosie proves that you (yes, you) are better at games than she is, we discuss original sin in its most unholy form, and I try my hardest to prove that we don’t think EA are total dicks (I don’t do a very good job).

If you enjoyed this podcast, please please please PLEASE give your feedback. I don’t know if we made it clear enough from the five or so times we mentioned it in the pod, but every little bit helps. We appreciate all the comments and criticisms, because it makes for a more complete experience for everyone involved.

Thanks for listening. We’ll be back sooner this time, we promise. 

THEME SONG: “The Locker Room”, by YamaYama. Please support the original creator’s work by going to ocremix.org/remix/OCR03105 and exploring his other Mega Man remixes.

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