The Another ‘Effin Game Podcast Pilot Episode



In our first episode of Another ‘Effin Game Podcast,  my partner-in-crime Rosie and I debate the work of The Atlantic writer Ian Bogost, and his article “Video Games Are Better Without Stories”. Along the way, we burn an effigy to collective hatred of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Rosie confesses her fanfiction habits, and I get confused by triangles.

Hopefully this becomes a regular podcast between Rosie and myself. All criticism is appreciated, and we will take all of these suggestions and fold them into our slow build into making a professional podcast. You can post comments here or on the SoundCloud page. Don’t worry. We’ll see it.

Thank you for listening. Rosie and I will see you next time. 



THEME SONG: “The Locker Room”, by YamaYama. Please support the original creator’s work by going to and exploring his other Mega Man remixes.

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